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Mommy Decree: no eat - no play

Cj's nickname is Baby Pooh but when he gives me a hard time on the dining table, I call him Picky Pooh. Sometimes feeding him requires me to feed myself properly too. I need energy to think how to make him eat. I'm talking about veggies and fruits. Give him KFC nuggets or McDonald fries and he's the happiest boy on earth. But we've got growing up to do and eating the right food is one of them so I try every tactic I could think of.

Once I decreed that if he doesn't eat, he can not play

And something tells me the message he's sending back is 'make me, Mom.' Oh... isn't that familiar? History does not just repeat itself. It also becomes intense

There are times I allow him little amounts of junk to keep the peace

And here's what's yummy (Mommy Moments theme this week) to him

The wonderings are constant and ceaseless. He now eats veggies gradually and refuses icecream. Unlike before he now prefers drinking yogurt over lemonade. Last week I made oat patties each the size of his palm, put them on a plate and went to blog. When I turned for a helping, the plate was completely empty. He was still licking ketchup off his fingers. And I thought I have read enough on food choice changes.

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Mitch said…
When my 3 y/o daughter refuses to eat, I don't bother and force her. Magugutom din yan at madadala. I believe they need to know kapag eating time, eating time. Kasi the more I insist, the more she refuses. So deadma lang hehe!
Anonymous said…
Don't all kids like nuggets and chicken? His tastes will settle down soon.

Are your first pics in a shabu2 restaurant? My son and I love eating there. Happy MM!
Anya said…
Picky Pooh :-)
Did you eat all when you was a little girl ?????????
I am not
I hate spinach :(
But now I am a growing up girl
I love it ........ LOL

I was last week by McDonalds
my girls love it also !!
I had a happy meal ...... :-)
My girls also and we received a little toy (all for Kareltje ;-)
We are just three silly girls with our happy meals ..... :)
My husband didn't enjoy the fun he had a BIG mac menu hahahaha....

I cook almost every day
But sometimes is junkfood yummie...
Debbie Racho said…
icecream!!! my daughter doesn't like it as much...

mine is up too.
Anonymous said…
Oh I can so see the "Make Me Mom" on his face. LOL I have to tell you my dear sweet friend. I have to answers for you here. Reason being is when my niece and nephew's are with me, I treat them to junk food and we do what we want...not what the parents want ROFLMAO!!! Great help huh? LOL But when they did live with me I made them eat to a point...until I felt sorry for them and would finish their food for them so they could leave the dinner table. ROFLMAO Oh I'm so glad I'm not a parent LOL. I'd own stock in every junk food place around :) He is so cute in that last photo...he's cute anyway :)
darly said…
patience lang talaga needed kapag picky ang bata, i have a colleague at work ang strategy niya to get her son to eat veggies is mix it with foods he like (pero patago), sample: omelette mixed with brocolli.

Check out my Yummy Moments here, till next week's MM.

Pls vote for my daughter ALTHEA INGRID S. BARON (#5 candidate) for the November Pinoy Smile of the Month. Click here to cast your vote. Thanks
Paula said…
Oh, a picky one too. Just like my son! hehe
Chubskulit Rose said…
Yan din ang bribe ko lalo na sa makulit kong EJ hehehe.. Gwapo talaga ni CJ hehehe.. Yummy Mommy Moments

OT sis, sa site ko lang ba kayo nahirapan pumasok. I experienced din kasi the same with some of the T13 participants.. Baka may bug ang akon blog wahhhhhhhhh, wag naman sana..
Mommy Liz said…
I don't understand why kids now are so picky. 2 older kids when little, they would eat even pinakbet and paksiw, when they started school, they became picky. My 2 little girls, are now picky too. Wahhh, sometimes, I feel like a waitress, 4 picky kids with a picky husband? sus ginoo, namuti ang hair kong mahaba..
kamz said…
hehe! ang cute naman ni cj. you never know what to expect from kids.. they keep changing in terms of food preference. my samantha is getting picky already. :(
Hazel said…
Mitch, I haven't tried that strat. Thanks.

Judy, they're at Fuji where Cj loves to play with the chopsticks :)

Anya, I was also a picky eater when I was little, but not as stubborn as Cj in refusals, lol. I love the picture of you and your girls at McDonald's. I'm sure your hubby would have understood the fun and Kareltje enjoyed his toy :)

Debbie, sounds like a nice cut back on sweets :)

Darly, I have tried that strat. I hide the veggies underneath the meat. Solved and problema. Until he comes up with a new preference

Paula, fun, aren't they? =)

Chubs, great minds think alike huh... lol! baka kagabi lang yon sis. I hope it's okay now.

Mom of Four, susmaryosep ang buhay ba naman natin oo =)

kikamz, sometimes I'm sure I don't understand kids at all lol!
Hazel said…
Thom, you're a dream uncle! :) Kids would know where to run to when Mommies 'persecute' them rofl!
Jac said…
Good news that he eats veggies already!!! Love Cj's nickname baby pooh!!! so cute..
Have a great weekend!
Rossel said…
my rj is so picky too. i don't know else what to give her. she loves junks like hotdogs and tocino.
Chris said…
just when you think you know their favorite food, they dont want it already...

im having that dilemna with my daughter Kyla... sigh, di pa naman ako magaling mag luto.. newbie ako sa kitchen and its not really my cup of tea!
Kero said…
wow. that is a feast fit for a king!

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