Monday, 2 November 2009

Monday Madness - Hot or not?

Harriet of I am Harriet hosts a new meme called Monday Mayhem . Today's the debut. From Harriet:

Thanks for joining us for the first week of Monday Mayhem!
This is the Monday meme that will differ from week to week.
Every Monday you can expect something new and different to keep you entertained.

Today's topic is hot or not.
Simply copy and paste this post into your blog post and tell us if you think each of the items are hot or not. Be sure to come back here and post a link to your post and visit the other participants.

Hot or not?
The mom jean - not

Hot or not? Tara Reid - not. The flat belly is kinda attractive, below that is gross, and I don't feel like liking swelling boobs set against a skeletal chest. She may have talents that make her hot but as far as this shot goes, she's not hot.

Hot or not?

yep - not. Is he a relative of William Hung?

Hot or not?

The Hardee Thickburger - hot

Hot or not?
This is it - hot


Hot or not? Napoleon Dynamite - not really. Is that his name? He looks like the book shopkeeper in Just Like Heaven


Hot or not?
Sarah Palin's almost son-in-law going frontal on Playgirl - not. Sorry young man, I'm biased. If your almost MIL could have shown adequate know-how of foreign policy, I would have said you're hot. But whatever... not hot.

Hot or not?
CNN's new homepage - ok hot. I wish they'd gotten over their propensity to sensationalize though

Hot or not?
Owning a large mylar balloon and that is your livelihood - ok not. It's very interesting, but not for me


Hot or not?

Are you kidding? I've become more neurotic since I began seriously thinking what would I do when I finally grow up. And here's Einstein (is that him when his hair was intact?) acting like Peeves the Poltergeist, lol... I think I'm gonna love Mondays on memesville :-)

Definitely hot!


Marice said...

love your answer on #3.. and yeah he looks like hung hahaha

just joined!

u may view mine if u have time

Anya said...

Its very funny Hazel :))))))
Einstein with that tonque hahaha...
I loved your hot/not hot answers

Chef Eureka said...

Tara is definitely gross :) Happy Monday!

Thom said...

"acting like Peeves the Poltergeist" OMG that is just to funNY ROFLMAO. I love your answer about Sarah Palin's almmost son-in-law...foreign policy...But the icing on the cake is "Is he a relative of William Hung. Wonderfully done my friend. :)

I am Harriet said...

Love, love, love your answers. You really nailed a couple of those too :)

Thanks for playing!

LoveMy2Dogs said...

Yep, I am thinking he is related to Hung. lol

Ebie said...

Napoleon Dynamite looks so geeky and definitely NOT hot!

Love your answers and you have some interesting posts you join.

I get some laughs every time I visit you!