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There I fixed it

A friend forwards me things like these now and then (Thanks, Mareng Chet). I thought they would be nice for T13. They're all over the internet but I would never have noticed them if they weren't sent to me. I bet my broken bread toaster and extension cord this is not new to some of you either. But just for fun, which one to you is most ingeniously done?








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Tracie said…
Those are hilarious!!! The cd gas tank cover!! Insane....who does that!?!

Happy TT!
Adelle Laudan said…
LOL Love duct tape. It can fix almost anything lol Fun list! Happy T13!
Anonymous said…
OMG....I'm dying of laughter here. The hotdogs on the rake ROLFMAO. Duct tape in the frig Too damn funny LOL. I love these. Made my day :)
I am Harriet said…
I would lose it if I actually saw one of those. It's so hard to believe some people who do these things :)
Journeywoman said…
These are GREAT! Love the rake and the cd
life's journey said…
Hehhe this are funny hehee...Thanks for sharing. Happy Thursday 13.
I think I love the shopping cart/grill grate the best. But the bike's a close second.

Some of these make me sad, though. It's hard to see how difficult life is for some people (and if you want more good ones, check out Lovely Listings. One of my favorite sites on the Net!)
Alice Audrey said…
LOL! These are great! I've seen some others, but not these particular ones. The scary part? I could see myself doing some of this.
I visit this website every day. Its usually good for a laugh.
LOL ... what an amazing set of photos for today's 13! Love the rake over the barbeque and the unique 'grill' in the last photo espceially ;-)
Hugs and blessings,
Jewel said…
Oh my gracious, these are hilarious!

I might repost this on my blog sometime if you don't mind.

chubskulit said…
That one on the portable s-pool is scary.. I love the sprinkler idea though hahaha..
Gel said…
These are hilarious (as long as no one really needs to do this... I sure wonder about folks in hard times)
I thought the weenie multiple roaster was clever!
J. Lynne said…
Wow, I need to tell my Dad and his friend that people are following them with cameras.

Actually the sprinkler soda bottle is a great reuse of of something you'd otherwise throw away. Very "Green". That's "in" now.

My favorite is the basket bike. Who couldn't use one of those?

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