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Exams that rock

Years ago my classmates and I took final exams in Research and Evaluation. Our Japanese-American professor played classical music while we were battling monster questions that required analysis only a well-balanced neurotic would bow down to weave. Today at work I will be facing exams, but not as a taker. It's something lighter - I will administer them. If it's any help to my students, the Business Communication exams I wrote last week were actually as easy as eating shelled peanuts. But they're not reading this post, are they?; and they're too busy worrying about Accounting and Labour Law. According to my timetable this week those are the exams I'm going to invigilate.

To set the mood I got Survivor's Eye of the Tiger to listen to. Something tells me I will be listening to the same music when I monitor results afterwards. If these young adults are going to rock in business, they better survive exams that rock as well. This is my first post for Musical Monday and I feel I'm going to love this meme. The lyrics provided in the video come with a warning: ignore cream, imagine thrill. Computer system at STech International does not have a mercy button for wrong moves in the exams. No time to dwell on cream. Luckily for examinees, the invigilator has the final say on the awarding of grades. That's where I'm having the thrill. *wicked grin* May I go clichic now and without further ado wish you happy listening.

Jori and Diane are hosting Musical Monday. Head over to their sites to play along.


Bonnie Bonsai said…
Eye of the out students. If I were you, study real hard so no one eyes' will be looking behind your back. Ma'am errrrrr .... hehe

The first time I heard the song. I go oldie goldie. :)
Diane said…
definitely a high energy song!!!

i'm glad you joined in!!
Hazel said…
Hello Bonnie Bonsai, I thought Eye of the Tiger was old lol...

Hi Diane, thanks for the welcome. I'm glad I joined in.
jori-o said…
This is a GREAT song to get you pumped up! We all love it around here =)

So glad you're playing along! Welcome!
Hazel said…
Hi jori-o, you and Diane are right about the song - high energy and pumps you up to do dull chores :-)thanks for the welcome. I'm happy to play along.
Anya said…
A song for by my coffee break
Its a very old song !!!!!
But great :)
Kareltje is running away he don't music ..... LOL
Hazel said…
hi Anya, upbeat sound + caffeine = Kareltje running away LMAO!!!
Anonymous said…
That's a great song! I remember getting the 12-inch version of it for a birthday pressie and blasting it. Happy Monday to you!
Amanda said…
I wish I had had you professor! This was a great choice for this week I enjoyed it! I think it's cute that on your Shelfari is the APA manual My oldest starts college soon and they use MLA I am so not familiar with it so I guess we will learn it together Have a great MM!
Yikes! If I had listened to this song while preparing or grading exams for my students, I'd have a very high failure rate, LOL! :)
robin said…
Love this song! It's on my 80s ipod playlist.
Happy MM!
Joy said…
It's a childhood classic!
Jona said…
i imagine what you mean when you say *wicked grin* hehe.

keep it up!
pehpot said…
I can't even have a glimpse of the vid..hmp, I am using linux kase,

but the way you describe it ahehe, katakot, specially with the grin woo!

join ka din sa although hindi pa ganun kaplantsado ang site, it looks promising :)
Make or Break
Hazel said…
hi crunchiemommy, that's a wonderful pressie

hi Amanda, I'm reviewing literature for a dissertation prososal thus the APA manual on my shelfari :-)

hi Caravan, over here failure rate is controlled stuff, but yeah...the thrill would be nice, lol

hi robin, i love it too :-)

hi Joy, and it serves some purpose for adults too, does it not? :-)

hi Jona, when a grin is wicked, anything could happen, lol!

hi pehpot, sorry u can't watch the darn vid, good thing i did some description, huh...

i could be a b**** when it comes to anything that will come out of the transcipt. only there's an entire different story about this grading business at the Institute.

thanks for i'll go check it out.

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