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Magical Appointment

There is a first in everything, or so at least it seems. In my kiddo's case Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is his first theatre experience.

We arrived at Siam Paragon a little before 3 PM yesterday (18.07.09). Friends who came to the same mall for the same purpose were kind to book our Imax seats for 8 PM.

So we loitered around the Pride of Bangkok for a few hours while waiting for our magical appointment. All the time I was wondering what would be Cj's reaction when he faces the big screen for the first time.

Just as I suspected, Cj didn't want to go in. Well, who would when thunderous sound effects greet you at the entrance? I find them a little unsettling myself, no matter how used I am to them already.

Having read reviews of the movie here and there, I already had an idea of what to expect. I sat on the front row near the exit, not my original seat, to keep track of my baby situation. Every few minutes I peeped through the glass, and observed Cj, milk bottle dangling between his teeth, shaking his head to the staff who tried to coax him to go inside. On my third try, he finally decided that sitting inside with Mommy wouldn't be as awkward as his ungrammatical insistence, "I don't like!!!..."

Harry has grown much from the Chamber of Secrets, Cj's and my favorite of the six films. The little guy yawned wider than his goggles as more hormones than horcruxes showed up on the Half-Blood Prince. I had my shawl ready to block his view of the macabre scenes. He dozed off right before the inferis crept up. And I watched the rest of the movie in peace.

I heard Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is coming up in two parts. Cj will be about 6 or 7 years old when the 7th installment hits the big screen. As long I am not sure I will be better armed with good paraphrasing skills by then, I will be watching it alone or with friends my age. The girl friends I was with last night, by the way, are full-fledged medical professionals. Who says a doctor and a nurse are not responsive to magic?


Anya said…
It is a scary movie where you go with a little child(Harry Potter).
I started with disney cartoons in the cinema for my girls ;)

On so big screen I think its to scary for your little boy !!!
But I don't now I have only girls
I was looking to
~The little mermaid
~Belle and the Beast etc....
Hazel said…
Hi Anya, yeah HP6 is scary for little ones. I expected Cj to sleep while I watched. And he did. The time was right - past 8 and about his bedtime too :-) It was the theatre being new and a first experience for him that was the reason I took him there. All the movies for him - he watches from the internet or on DVD perched on the bed. His next film on cinema will definitely be for his age, but I guess those booming sound effects, whether the movie is scary of not, are still scaring him a bit.
Chubskulit Rose said…
Oh its been a long while since i visited a theatre heheyhe
pehpot said…
yep the movie is not for kids na.. so how was it for you? na enjoy mo ba?

anywyas, naku ung mga email na un ang kulit talaga, meron din nag kunyari na galing sila dito sa pinas.. naku ang kawawa dun ung mga kano na gurangers, un naman madalas nila maloko eh..

May bike rentals po sa Baguio haha

Make or Break
Hazel said…
chubs, i'm sure u had other worthwhile things to do
Hazel said…
pehpot, enjoy ko ang pagka imax but i shouldn't have read the book first. i wouldn't have been a bit disappointed that parts I wanted shown in the film are nowhere no matter how convenient the goggles :-)
Indrani said…
My daughter is after me to see the movie. :)
Nice to know even doctors enjoy such movies.
Hazel said…
Indrani, they probably reckon the phenomenal entertainment value of HP is a nice break from closing wounds or prescribing meds the muggle way. my ex-SIL, also a doctor pores over the books like a teenager lol!
Anya said…
Hi Hazel
I am all checked everything was okay.
I was just fainted and ended up wrong.
I am now equipped because I've slept a lot.
I have a part of my face blue with a little yellow ;(
Thanks for all the kind words :)
Anya :)

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