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Mommy Moments: First Milestone

By the time Cj learned his first steps, I was back in Bangkok after leaving him with my mother to sort out my divorce. I did not see my son's very first, unaided step. I did personally witness his initial steps, the practice steps with those wobbly, chubby legs navigating the floor.

What makes Cj's first official walk extra special is the fact that he walked on my mother's birthday!
He was 1 year and 3 weeks old on June 15th. I recall my mother's cheer, "my best birthday gift ever!"

The entire first year is what I would consider Cj's first milestone. Up came his first word, first christmas, meeting his maternal grandparents for the first time, albeit online; well, almost all firsts, just like any other kid. Alas, I wasn't very keen on taking pictures then. I did manage to keep this photo on his first birthday. The rest are in those old-fashioned albums.

A few hours after birth Cj flashed me his very first smile:

Twenty-two weeks later I and his Dad came home from an evening out. It was the first time Cj and I were apart for hours. I had to attend a wedding party of his Dad's staff member's son. You know that sort of expectation from a business executive wife to look beautiful, behave graciously and maintain poise all night at social functions? I learned that stuff quickly but that particular night my mind was far from business decorum. I was a case of motherly nerves underneath make-up and jewelry.

First 'reunion' after being apart for five hours:

That was my first socialization after becoming a mom. And it was also the first time I felt happy and excited and really hurrying to go back home. It's uncharacteristic of me to hurry home from a social event unless I'm tired or bored. And I rarely get tired or bored at parties. So I was surprised at myself for wanting to go back home as early as possible eventhough that wedding party was going well.

Motherhood has domesticated a party-loving chick. And I didn't mind a hoot!

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elapot said…
ay that's so nice! best birthday gift ever nga naman! di bale even if you didn't witness the first real steps personally, you were still with him on the other major milestones and more that are coming. cheers mommy!

--ela joel's first steps
It's really nice to remember our kid's firsts. Hope you can drop by my entry here.
Genefaith said…
tama ka sis, we'll hurry to go back home pag may baby na...excited na me to see my baby's first step! malapit na pala...

Hyzyd's "Firsts"

Our Adventures Together/
Her and History
Tasty Exploration
I can totally relate with the socializing part, we are so itching to get out and have a "me time" but once we get there, our hearts and mind is at home, with our kids. :)
My Mommy Moments
Chubskulit Rose said…
Nakakaloka talaga pagka first time kang mawalay sa baby mo noh, i felt the same when i first left my daughter to my in laws!

my entry is up now too!
Sarah said…
totoo yan, I really agree Mommy, pag may baby - you're in a hurry to go back home, cute ng mga pics
Cecile said…
thanks for sharing his milestones, dear. it was really best gift ever, i'll say :)!

happy mommy moments and weekend!
Chris said…
awww.. ganyan din ako, sobrang happy to be reunited with the kids even if its been just a few hours...

thanks for sharing :D
nuts said…
ganyan talaga mga mommy hirap mawalay kahit saglit. kaka-miss kagad.
Yami said…
Same here. Isang araw lang mahiwalay ang mga kids ko sa akin is like being separated from them for a year. Iba talaga ang mga nanay.
Anya said…
Soooooooo lovely and sweet post Hazel :)
He was a BEAUTIFUL baby,
and now a beautiful son :)

I have rested and now I have only a bleu yellow face .... LOL
It looks :(
But nobody can see it on bloggieworld HEHE
I am Happy to be back ^__^
Kero said…
you really are blessed with a lovely son, Hazel. Sarap talaga ma-reunite with your kiddo noh?

Thank you soo much for the visit! till next MM!
Clarissa said…
Masarap talagang may umuwi from work lalo ng kung alam mong merong naghihintay na kid sa yo--nakakawala ng pagod!!^_^Happy to hear about you capture Cj's first step!!^_^

Thanks for dropping by and Happy Mommy Momets to you!!^_^Enjoy your Sunday!!
JonaBQ said…
i felt that way too when I went back to work after being on a leave giving birth. i still feel the same way until now, whenever I leave my kids for long hours.
admin said…
that is indeed special birthday gift... and really easy to remember when he first walked :)

so cute smile of a newborn baby...


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