Monday, 6 July 2009

You are Inspirational: Brenda


You are Inspirational is a wonderful meme idea that Mommy Moments host Chris invited me to check out. After reading about it I decided to join because there is indeed someone I found who fits the bill. Brenda is one admirable lady. Telling friends about her is something I want to do. Although I have done so with a non-blogger friend, I am 'officially' happy that the opportunity to spread the word this way, through a meme, came up. I am certainly enjoying the inspiration that Brenda's blog brings to readers. And it's double the inspiration that I get to share her blog with you so you can visit her and be inspired yourself.

Brenda's Blog from Paraguay

I met Brenda of Brenda's Blog from Paraguay through Friday's Fave Five. When I arrived in her blog from the linky I stayed longer than I planned to. I unexpectedly found something I wanted to read: Chemotherapy. A cousin of mine is battling cancer. We used to be very close til we had a falling out that lasted more than ten years. When I was told of her diagnosis I fought over whether I should ring her or not. Well, I realized that she was fighting cancer and there I was fighting over damn hesitation to make the first move to be on speaking terms again. I contacted her. We talked. She was travelling to Paris, with her 8-month old baby in tow for her first round of chemo treatment. And I was boarding a plane to Kuala Lumpur in suede shoes for a fun weekend. That was rather guilt-inducing, wasn't it? The need and wish to know more about breast cancer and chemotherapy was leaving me a bothersome blank. Coming across Brenda's post on chemotherapy was a serendipity.

What held my attention was not just the information I wanted to know, but her attitude towards the situation she is in. Brenda is honest, brave and positive. While we witness others who whine at their troubles or launch a how-unfair-life-is declamation, Brenda takes cancer only an amazing lady would and could. The way she handles things is extra ordinary. It shows in her entire blog. Just look at her May 22 FFF entry for example. Her perspective on life is not just a treat. It's a blessing!

Read Brenda's views on various topics. They are filled with wonderful lessons. You will learn a thing or two about life that you may not find elsewhere.


pehpot said...

Dropping by from our inspirational meme :)

Make or Break

Chris said...

wow, im heading to her site now! thanks for joining this week!

Tetcha said...

I'm just about ready to go to Brenda's site. Thanks for sharing. By the way, I have a tag for you.

Brenda said...

Thank you Hazel, for that touching tribute. I appreciate having a place where I can talk about what I am going through and get feedback from others.

Hope all your "bucket" wishes come true!