Thursday, 30 July 2009

Violators will be shot

Play along here.

Early morning in mid-April three years ago I traipsed The Costwolds (west-central England) and entered a shop with this sign over its doorpost:

A few minutes in I found out that this sign was for sale. A few steps back this is the narrow entrance to the shop:

You must have noticed that the sign is old with rusty edges that invite tetanus. Who in his right mind would buy it? Maybe someone actually would. You see this sign is the antique version of the one sold at Taylor Gifts online. And as long as the world does not run out of sentimentalists, there is always a possibility for this sign to end up in someone's collection.


Ebie said...

Good morning Ms Hazel. I thought this sign is funny and your commentaries are even funnier, such as the tetanus shot! No wonder it is considered antique in its literal sense. Welcome aboard TWTW!

ewok1993 said...

Thats way too funny. I might have bought it if I were there :)

Tink *~*~* said...

don't shoot, I'm innocent - I swear!


Tink *~*~*

Hazel said...

Hi Ate Ebie, it does look like a tetanus risk, doesn't it? =)

Hi ewok, i also wanted to buy it but it won't be easy if you're mistaken for a terrorist at the immigration lol

Hi Tink, an ad at Taylor Gifts says the darn sign is a thoughtful gift for territorial friends :-)

Zeee said...

Errrr that is one scary sign! I'd like to buy one tho... despite the tetanus risk... hehehehe :)

Martha said...

I probably would have been afraid to go in the shop! LOL!

Pacey said...

Wow, welcome to twtw Hazel and your first entry is very funny. Shot as in tetanus shot would be effective if you buy this one old sign. :) Salamat kaayo!