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Friday's Fave Five: Scents and colors

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What a week! These are my faves:

1. Scents. It’s in the morning when the lift in my apartment building becomes an open-close bottle of mixed perfumes. Residents start the day clean, fresh, and usually sweet smelling. On their way to work via the lift they leave traces of different scents: Christian Dior, Calvin Klein - must be the businessmen; Clinique, Chanel - must be the office girls; Versace, it must be me this week. It’s fun noticing a usually unnoticed detail in the bustle of life.

2. Jeans. One of my joys is simply wearing jeans after a hard day's work.

3. Neurosis. I found this book on a pile at Asia Books this week. For so much laughter it gave me, 178 baht ($5) is an unbelievable steal!

The blurb:

"...wonderfully funny..." - Chicago Sun-Times

"Tasteful, fresh, and intelligent..." Library Journal

"...gut-busting..." - Los Angeles Times

4. Colors. There's this tip from a Reader's Digest article: If you are worrying whether what you eat is balanced or not, and have trouble knowing exactly what to eat, just make sure your food has all natural colors from the rainbow and your diet is healthy enough. I make sure my morning coffee is always accompanied by salad with as many colors in them as possible. And finding this japanese salad dressing is a big favorite this week as it helps me take in healthy food that sometimes just don't appeal to my palate, especially when I'm rushing to work.

5. Hats. I love them! and I got to lend them to a friend. I love sharing what I love to friends, and when I see that they are appreciated or enjoyed, I love to share them even more. These hats were in Fiji Islands for almost two weeks! My friend wore them during a fishing trip there with her fiance.


Willow said…
Salad for breakfast? Interesting! But healthy.

Lovely fave fives! I like my jeans too!
Hazel said…
Willow, exactly. It's the only time during workdays I get to eat something healthy. The food center at work doesn't sell salads at all, and once work here starts, preparing own meals is fat chance :-)
hip chick said…
Great Friday five's. I could do fruit salad for breakfast...I don't think I could handle lettuce and dressing though.
Anya said…
I like my jeans also
I wear it alsmost everyday :)

I eat MANY salades

lovely fave fives today !!

( Now I see the comments list,
I come to many times .... LOL)
Have a great day :)
Brenda said…
#1 reminded me of how my kids used to stand at the top of the stairs when we had dinner parties and try to identify the guests by their perfumes and colognes. They got pretty good at it.

I'm wearing lots of hats these days too ;)
shopannies said…
hats are great and fun for the hot sunny days I agree with you about sharing with others it is so much fun
Rebecca said…
Hats are fun! But I never found one I look decent in...due to my large head I guess.
nikkipolani said…
Hmmm -- I'm with you on jeans! I just bought some that I was wishing I could wear to work today. Actually, I think I'd rather wear them and not go to work! But that's another tale. You're right about colorful meals. Plus, they're so pretty!
Barbara H. said…
I love hats! I feel a bit conspicuous with them because no one else around here wears them, though.

That book sounds good.

I should eat more salads. I tend to overdo carbs.
Clarissa said…
I'm almost wearing jeans everyday because of my lifestyle.I love your choice of perfumes and hats!!^_^

Thanks for dropping by,Mommy Hazel!!Hope your'e enjoying your weekend!!^_^
onlinemommy said…
Hello! I like the hats hehe...

I've added your link na... I hope you add mine too :)

God Bless!
Anya said…
On my side balk I see a new post by you from music!!
But when I click on your page I see the post from yesterday ?!?!
I try it later :)
Susanne said…
How observant of you to notice all the different "off to work" scents in the elevator.

That salad looks yummy. And the colors absolutely do make is mouth watering and appealing. I love a colorful fruit salad for breakfast.

Cute, cute hats. Wish I could wear them as nicely.
Pamela said…
Great list, Hazel. LOVE your hats!
Jerralea said…
Sorry, I'm late getting by your blog for FFF (it's almost time for another one!) but I didn't want the week to go by without visiting.

I love to smell different scents, too. Fragrance is very important to me.

And I totally love coming home and putting on my jeans and favorite pink "at home" t-shirt. I immediately feel better!

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Do you have yard sales in Bangkok, too?

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